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We’re a Top Grooming Facility in Wake Forest

If you’re looking for a top grooming facility in Wake Forest, NC, Audrey’s Barkyard has many reasons why it leads the category.  When it comes to choosing the right facility to groom your dog, it’s hard to know who to choose. Our pets are a part of the family and when it comes down to it, we want them to have the very best care.

You undoubtedly have lots of choices when it comes to grooming and we would like to share why choosing Audrey’s Barkyard is the right choice for you, and for your pets…

We Allow Facility Visits (without an appointment)

The best way to choose a boarding facility is to go for a visit. What’s important about our facility is that during business hours you can just pop in. Now, of course you can go ahead and make an appointment, but we want you to know that we have no secrets. We also have a webcam for our daycare clients that lets our pet parents see what’s happening during the day so rest assured, we work to be as transparent as possible. This is an easy way to eliminate facilities that are dirty or even worse,  unprofessional. You’ll know within minutes of taking your tour that Audrey’s is the right fit for your family.

We Offer Loads of Grooming Services

If you think of washing your dog at home, there can be so much involved. Let us take that chore off of your hands. We provide extensive bathing at Audrey’s. Our baths include a not just one but two shampoo applications, a tear-free relaxing blueberry facial, external anal gland expression available upon request, ear cleaning, fresh breath spray, nail clipping and dremmelling, blowing out their coat, and a final brush out.

We Have a Veterinarian On Call

This is super important. With so many dogs around, we know it’s important to have a vet on call. As a dog owner (or cat owner) we pride ourselves on being a great facility and we have a working relationship with a several local veterinary offices. If you have a specific local vet who you prefer, we will make every effort to work with them directly, when possible.

We Have Stringent Health Requirements

An important question to ask any boarding facility is, “What are your health requirements?” This is a great way to make sure that routine vaccinations are required for dogs. We know that you do not want your dogs share space with sick or non-vaccinated animals. At Audrey’s Barkyard, we exceed recommended vaccination policies. Here’s what we require…

  • Without exception, all dogs must be up to date on their rabies and distemper inoculations.
  • We also require a clean fecal test and Bordetella booster . These tests must be up to date every 6 months, not annually.
  • We do not accept pets that have had their vaccines given at home. They must be administered by a licensed healthcare professional.

Booking an Appointment

Booking an appointment with us is very easy. When you book an appointment for grooming with us,  we will ask you a few preliminary questions on our site. Once you have submitted your form, one of our friendly Guest Service Team Members will reach out to you to fill in the specifics and book your appointment. Whether you’d like an appointment in the next 24-hours or in a few months, we can get you scheduled. If you’d rather give us a call, go right ahead. Our number is 919-435-8491.

Our Grooming Fees

Our pricing structure is very simple. The prices vary based on long vs. short hair, weight and level of service. For a complete list of our fees, simply click here.