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We asked Mandy a few questions and here are the answers...

Q: How Long Have You Worked at Audrey's Barkyard?
A: I’ve worked at Audrey’s Barkyard since day 1.

Q: What's Your Favorite Thing About Working Here?
A. My favorite thing about working here is the dogs. I sincerely feel like each dog is mine and I share custody with their humans!! I couldn't imagine spending my days doing anything else.

Q: What's Your Favorite Breed of Dog and Why?
A. My favorite breed is a beagle. Audrey was a beagle and turned me on to their loyalty and stubborn personalities.

Favorite thing about working here?

My favorite thing about working at Audrey’s is meeting new dogs on a daily basis!

What is your favorite breed of dog?
My favorite breed of dogs are pit bulls!

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