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We asked Mandy a few questions and here are the answers...

Q: How Long Have You Worked at Audrey's Barkyard?
A: I’ve worked at Audrey’s Barkyard since day 1.

Q: What's Your Favorite Thing About Working Here?
A. My favorite thing about working here is the dogs. I sincerely feel like each dog is mine and I share custody with their humans!! I couldn't imagine spending my days doing anything else.

Q: What's Your Favorite Breed of Dog and Why?
A. My favorite breed is a beagle. Audrey was a beagle and turned me on to their loyalty and stubborn personalities.

Favorite thing about working at Audreys barkyard?

I love being in play group and seeing all the different breeds and personalities of the dogs!

What is your favorite breed of dog and why?
My favorite breed of dog is german sheperds or Belgian Malinois, Theyre such loyal, smart loving pups and I cant get enough of them!

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