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FAQ’s at Audrey’s Barkyard

Questions are normal! When leaving your baby in someone else’s care, you want to make sure that the best possible attention, love and care is going to happen. The FAQs Audrey’s Barkyard receives are listed below. If there are any questions that you don’t see answered, please feel free to reach out to us and ask.
Here’s a list of our most commonly asked questions…

Our #1 FAQ

Who is Audrey?

And we love this question! Audrey is our namesake.

People ask us all the time, “Who is Audrey?” Well, here’s the story. Audrey is the reason that Josh and Mandy started their amazing life full of dogs! Audrey was Mandy’s first fur child that ignited her passion for animals that would one day bring so much joy and meaning to the Donahue family. Mandy adopted Audrey in 2006. She was a nervous, neurotic, beautiful beagle and soon convinced Mandy that hounds will forever be her favorite breed. Audrey was Mandy’s best friend and saw her through everything as she entered adulthood and to become a cherished member of the family. Sadly, Mandy and Josh had to help Audrey cross the rainbow bridge in August of 2018, but they will forever hold such a large piece of her in their hearts. Mandy and Josh cherish the fact that Audrey embodies the business that has become a home to so many Wake Forest families. Audrey is the spirit of love, play, safety and fun that is Audrey’s Barkyard.

FAQ’s About Vaccinations/Medication

What vaccines are required at Audrey’s Barkyard?

Our boarding and daycare dogs are required to be up to date with the Rabies and Distemper vaccines, as well as the Bordetella vaccine and clean fecal, both within the last 6 months. Our kitty guests are required to be up to date on their Rabies and Feline Distemper. For our grooming clients, we only require an up-to-date Rabies vaccine.

Why do you require a 6-month Bordetella booster when some other places require it yearly?

Some veterinarian offices recommend getting your dog this booster shot every 6 months instead of annually. We’ve noticed a drastic decrease in the spread of kennel cough when we followed those stricter protocols. When there’s multiple dogs from different households interacting with one another, it’s better to be safe and the 6-month booster has proven to be more effective for our guests.

Do you administer medication?

Our staff is experienced in administering oral medications, ear/eye treatments and injections (insulin, etc.). If your pet requires something extra in order to take their pills, please provide that as well (pill pockets, cheese, peanut butter, etc.). We are happy to provide those for a small fee if you forget yours. We do not charge extra to administer medications.

FAQ’s About Boarding

Do you provide bedding for the animals?

We offer raised cots for our boarding guests to sleep on if they don’t bring any sort of bedding. We don’t typically have beds or blankets to give out but you are welcome to bring bedding for your pet from home! Just know, there’s always a chance a bed may get chewed up or slightly dirty when a dog is out of its’ element or routine so it may be best to bring something that isn’t brand new or expensive.

FAQ’s About General Information

Do you have any breed restrictions?

No! We do not breed discriminate, we accept/deny dogs based on their behavior.

Does my pet have to be spayed/neutered in order to come to Audrey’s?

No, Audrey’s accepts guests that have not been spayed or neutered. However, any dog that is older than 1 year must be spayed/ neutered in order to participate in group play. There are options for walks and one on one playtime for any guests unable to participate in group play.

What are the size of your kennels/runs?

Our boarding room accommodations run 4 feet by 4 feet for the smaller kennels or 4 feet by 6 feet for the larger kennels. The kennel walls are 7 feet tall.

Can I come by and take a tour?

Yes! In fact, we encourage tours! You don’t need an appointment for a tour as long as you come by during business hours. While we are in the pandemic, we do require masks while inside our building. Simply give us a call from the parking lot and someone will come right out to show you around.

FAQs at Audrey’s Barkyard Can Be Endless. Do you have another question?

Great! We love questions. Please feel free to send us a message or call us at +1 (919)-435-8491.