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Who is Audrey

Who is Audrey?

People ask us all the time, “Who is Audrey?” Well, here’s the story of Audrey. She will forever be our favorite beagle.

Audrey is the reason we started our amazing life full of dogs! Audrey was Mandy’s first fur child that ignited her passion for animals that would one day bring so much joy and meaning to the Donahue family. Mandy adopted Audrey in 2006. She was a nervous, neurotic, beautiful beagle and soon convinced Mandy that hounds will forever be her favorite breed. Audrey was Mandy’s best friend and saw her through everything as she entered adulthood and to become a cherished member of the family.

Some of Audrey’s favorite things were baby carrots, catnip (turns out it’s not just for cats!) and joining Mandy when she was on the go to places like farmers markets, breweries or the beach. Ironically, Audrey was NOT a fan of doggie daycare so the only time she’d join Mandy at work was to “help out” at the front desk! She was true to her breed and followed that nose like it was her mission. Needless to say, they didn’t cover much ground with their walks! Audrey was the first long term commitment Mandy ever made and she couldn’t have enjoyed her days with her more!

Sadly, Mandy and Josh had to help Audrey cross the rainbow bridge in August of 2018, but they will forever hold such a large piece of her in their hearts. Mandy and Josh cherish the fact that Audrey embodies the business that has become a home to so many Wake Forest families. Audrey is the spirit of love, play, safety and fun that is Audrey’s Barkyard.