Affordable Overnight Dog Boarding
in Wake Forest, NC

When you’re traveling or away from home, your pets miss you as much as you miss them. Why not keep them busy at the incredible dog hotel at Audrey’s Barkyard. All breeds and sizes are welcome, and all overnight pet boarding in Wake Forest, NC, includes everything in our daycare services, allowing them to play with the other dogs during the day.

Requirements for Boarding Your Dog

  • FOOD: We ask that you bring your pet’s food. The food must be brought in an airtight/sealed container or a zip lock bag.  If you don’t bring food, it’s ok, We are happy to give them our in-house food. Please note that there will be a $3/day fee added to your final boarding bill.
  • MEDICATION: If your dog requires medication during dog boarding, please bring that and let us know about how you need it given. Unlike most places, we don’t have additional charges associated with administering medications.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS: Any personal items that you feel would make your baby more comfortable, please feel free to bring them with you. Please understand, any personal items like bedding or toys, runs the risk of getting damaged due to possible behavioral changes while boarding. Bring these items at your own risk.
  • VACCINE REQUIREMENTS: All dogs must be up to date on their rabies and distemper inoculations. We also require a clean fecal test and Bordetella booster . These tests must be up to date every 6 months, not annually. We do not accept pets that have had their vaccines given at home. They must be administered by a licensed healthcare professional.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The exceptions to this requirement are as follows:
      • RABIES EXCEPTION: Puppies younger than 4 months are not required to receive the rabies vaccination. After 4 months, it is required.
      • MEDICAL REASONS: Any vaccination that is restricted due to medical reasons, requires a letter from your veterinarian prior to arrival.

Pricing for Boarding Your Dog

  • Gold Package……………….$67/night
  • Silver Package………………$62/night
  • Bronze Package……………$57/night
  • Multiple Dogs………………20% discount off additional dogs staying in the same kennel and in the same households

* Picking up after 1:00 p.m. will result in a $20 partial daycare charge./dog.

Book an Appointmentor Call Us: (919) 435-8491

Our Webcam

To watch your pet having fun throughout the day in daycare, please visit the following link and use “Barkyard” as the username AND password.

Click Here To Watch Your Pet Having Fun!

For our daycare and boarding guests, we now offer a $10 discount on exit baths.

Boarding Packages

Bronze Boarding Package
When picking this package, your dogs will receive night and daycare services which includes hours of group play fun.
$57per night
Silver Boarding Package
Enjoy everything listed in the bronze package and more! Your pets will get extra love during their individual pamper time; just tell us what they enjoy and we’ll make sure they get the special treatment. Fetch? Belly rubs? You name it!
$62per night
Gold Boarding Package
With the gold bundle, expect everything from the previous two packages with an additional nature walk. This ensures your baby will have the opportunity to relax and take in the scenery or new and interesting smells outside of our facility!
$67per night

Multiple Dogs

Do you have 2 or 3 or 10 dogs? No worries! We can help and you’ll receive a discount as well! In the event that you have more than one dog, we do offer discounted rates if they are sharing a suite and run, and a wall doesn’t have to be removed to accommodate them comfortably. When you pay full price for your first dog, an additional dog receives a 20% discount.
* Picking up after 1:00 p.m. will result in a $20 partial daycare charge./dog.

Top Groomers

Our professional team provides exceptional grooming services.

V.I.P. Service

We take pride in giving you and your pet personalized attention.

Superior Boarding

We love every pet, so your pet will feel relaxed and stress free.

Dan SeamanAnnabelle's Dad

The staff are friendly and interactive. The facility is clean and well equipped. We like the live camera feed for doggy daycare and boarding. They offer a large variety of affordable services and discounts for packages. Our pug puppy Annabelle always seems to be comfortable going here.

Dan Seaman
Jennifer Blaha
My mom takes me to Audrey’s Barkyard while she goes to work. I know I am going to have a great day when she tells me to get in the car to go see my friends. I LOVE to play with my dog friends and I really LOVE all of the incredibly sweet, fun and loving humans that take care of me like family. My mom is so happy to see me when she picks me up and I’m so tired from playing all day that I take great naps. My family is so thankful to have such a wonderful place for me to play!
Jennifer Blaha